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Take care of your trash | January 3, 2008

After giving our apartment a thorough post-holiday cleaning, we had tons of trash and recycling to take out.  In Brooklyn, trash goes out on the street in the evenings once or twice a week to be picked up by the waste managment service.  Overnight, the bags are usually opened by can/bottle collectors who take them to get the bottle deposit.  Unfortunately, they don’t always close the bags back up.  This a nice selection of bags on the streets for stray animals to get into while they look for food. 

CEASE, an animal advocacy group from Boston offers a great tip for dealing with dangerous items animals might come accross in the trash.  Of course, everyone knows by now to cut up the plastic 6-pack rings.  But have you ever thought to flatten cans so small critters can’t hide inside?  Broken glass is an obvious hazzard.  Put it in a small box and tape it up so it cant cut through the bags, or worse, a hungry scavanger.  You could also put it inside a larger glass container with a lid (like a pickle or salsa jar).  What about those overpriced razor cartridges with 37 blades that dull after 4 uses?.  How about taping them up before you toss them in the trash so no animals, can-collectors, or pesky freegans get cut while dumpster diving. 

Remember that this doesn’t only apply to hip – and by hip we mean spending our New Years Eve playing “Super Paper Mario” and “Punch Out” on the Wii – urbanites like us.  When we lived in Virginia raccoons (and freegans with southern accents) were notorious for getting into the garbage as well.   

Got any other tips for safeguarding your trash?  Leave them in the comments section. 


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