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Bull Riding = BS | January 4, 2008

Bull riding is coming to NYC this weekend and unfortunately it’s not of the mechanical sort. In this so-called-“sport”, riders are randomly paired with a bull before being freed from a holding chute. Once loose, the rider mist stay atop the bull for at least 8 seconds while it angrily bucks and spins. Spectators cheer and scream, but rarely ask why the bulls are in such a hurry to get the “cowboys” off their backs. Animal rights organizations highlight the abuse of rodeo animals (bulls, calves, horses) through flank straps and electric cattle prods. Click here for a youtube video detailing their cruel methods (its a sad and graphic video, but eye-opening).  The rodeo industry denies these accusations, despite video evidence, and claim the bulls and horses are bred to buck.  The anti-rodeo community feels that explanation is simply a load of BS.

Another video, detailing the horrors of calf-roping, another rodeo “sport” can be seen here.  This clip is tough to watch without imagining the pain, suffering and terror inflicted on the calves.  Would you want this done to your dog or cat for “sport” or “entertainment”?  What kind of a person thinks this is entertaining?

So what can we do about this event coming to our city?  Since it actually goes on tonight We read about it yesterday) it’s a little too late to try preventative tactics.  Instead we would like to point our advocacy efforts to the marketing of the event.  We became aware of the event through a magazine called Time Out New York.  This magazine is a resource for upcoming events around town for locals and visitors.  We were disappointed to find their coverage had no acknowledgement of the cruelty that goes along with it.  We would like to let Time Out New York know how we feel about this.  If you don’t have a copy in print, you can take a look at the online article here.  Now that you have read the article and seen the videos above, send an email to the editor at letters@timeoutny.com You can write your own or just copy and paste what we have below (making a few personal changes, of course).  If you don’t live in NYC, tell them you found their site while researching an upcoming vacation and were horrified to see such a cruel event spotlighted.   

Dear TONY Editors,

I was enraged when opening issue #640 (Get Clean!) of Time Out New York to find a half page spread on bull riding.  I am very disappointed that TONY would market this event without mention of the underlying cruelty of the “sport”.  Rodeo bulls are routinely injured and abused through flank straps, electric cattle prods, and metal spurs – and this is only what we see inside the ring!  Outside of the arena, bulls are subjected to steroid injections and further abuse, which is often even more severe during training.  In most rodeo events, horses and calves are also routinely abused.  The “cowboys” may suffer injury as well, but at least they are can consent to the risks involved.  I would like to encourage you to take the link off of your website promoting this event and reconsider your endorsement of rodeo events in the future.  





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