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Microchip your pet (or a friend’s) | January 15, 2008

Jenny and I were talking to our cat-sitter the other day about the sad story of the dog who ran away from the car accident.  This led to a brief discussion about the importance of ID microchips for pets.  She told us the story of a neighborhood family that had some remodeling work done on their house a while back.  One of the contractors left a door or window open and their dog decided to go exploring.  The family freaked (obviously), put up flyers, notified vets and animal shelters, and did everything else they could think of.  After months of hoping, there was still no sign of their dog.  About 6 months later, one of their kids was playing with another child from the neighborhood heard them mention their new dog.  They had found him a while back and decided to take him in.  Upon seeing the dog, the kid realized it was their missing pooch.  Luckily, the family that found him was ok with returning the dog to its original family.  The dog had been taken to the vet by the family that had found him, but enough time had passed that the vet didn’t make the connection.  If the dog had been microchipped, however, he could have been returned to his rightful parents. This story has a happy ending, but you can imagine how many run-away animals never make it back to their heartbroken parents.   

Our pets, as well as our cat-sitter’s are all microchipped.  Wally was adopted from the ASPCA in New York and came with a chip.  We had Luigi and Tito chipped soon after adopting them.  It’s an incredibly simple procedure.  The chip is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted with a needle into the skin between their shoulder blades, and the cost is relatively minor (considering that most would give anything to have a lost pet returned).  

If you haven’t had your pets microchipped, please look into it, consider the benefits, and then do it.  If you can’t afford it, ask your vet about a payment plan.  Ask your vet if you can volunteer some time in exchange for a free implant.  If your pets are already microchipped, think about any friends you have who have yet to do this.  Offer to pay for it as a gift (possibly for the pet’s birthday).  Pets give us the gift of friendship and loyalty each and every day.  Make sure that you do all you can to ensure that, in the case of emergency, they are returned to their loving homes.       


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