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Support your cause while exercising | January 17, 2008

Hi everyone – it’s Ryan this time.  Having a birthday so close to January 1st has the unusual benefit of being a day to jump-start some of those New Year’s Resolutions that have slowed to a halt (or never got off the ground).  One of my resolutions was, despite the cold Brooklyn mornings, to start running again.  I’m pretty good about running in the summer, but the winter here can be pretty dismal. 

So January 16th provides me with a 2nd chance.  Interestingly, writing this blog with Jenny has given me added motivation to hit the road.  The next time I go for a run, I’ll be wearing a shirt that promoting animal advocacy.  I have a cool “I Heart My Adopted Cat” shirt from the ASPCA that always gets lots of comments.  I’m also going to make a DIY vegan running shirt.  There are lots of folks out there who incorrectly think that a vegan diet, which strictly abstains from animal products, is unhealthy.  It isn’t, and there are plenty of healthy vegans out there to prove it.  There are also many healthy vegan athletes as well (check out Scott Jurek, winner of numerous ultra-marathons).  Tonight I’m going to find a running t-shirt and, using a laundry marker, write a pro-vegan message on it.  Perhaps something simple, like “Vegan” or “Vegan Runner.”  If I’m feeling super bold, maybe I’ll go with “Don’t Eat Meat…” on the front, and “Eat My Dust” on the back (though anyone who knows me will point out that I’m so slow, the only people eating my dust will be the ones standing still and scratching lottery tickets outside of the bodegas). 

Now I’m not really the type to slap a bumper sticker to the car or walk around wearing t-shirts with grandoise statements on them – at least not since high school, anyways.  But I think that doing so while exercising make sense.  People need to know that there are vegan athletes.  People need to be reminded that there are animals in shelters waiting to be adopted.  People need to know that spaying and neutering their pets is a good idea. 

What’s your message?  Whatever it is, spread it around your neighborhood or gym and help inspire others while helping yourself get healthy.         


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