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Feel Good About Wasting Time on the Internet | January 20, 2008

The next time you need to look for something on-line, start your search with goodsearch.com.  This search engine donates 50% of ad revenues to the charities or their users’ choice.  Simply select the organization you want your searches to go towards and surf away.  Like all search engines, goodsearch makes money when people click on ads or sponsored links.  Inevitably, users will click on some of these, thus earning money for their default charity. 

You can choose from national and local charities that are already registered or add a new one to the growing list of options (all charities will be verified as registered non-profit organizations by goodsearch before any money is disbursed).  According to their homepage, users have already generated over $11,000 in donations for the ASPCA, over $6,000 for The Elephant Sanctuary, and over $4,000 for the Best Friends Animal Society.  There are several creative ways to make goodsearch work for your favorite organization(s).  You can make all of your searches go toward a certain non-profit, or choose a new one every day and spread the wealth around. Click here to see the list of non-profits currently listed in their database.

Their searches are powered by Yahoo!, so expect the same quality of results as you get from their main browser page.  You can set the search engine as your homepage or add goodsearch to your browser’s toolbar for convenience.  To learn more, check out their FAQ’s here

This is really one of the easiest ways to earn some significant cash for your favorite organization(s).  Just begin your web searches with goodsearch.com, select an animal-friendly charity, and start browsing for a good cause. 



  1. wow guys, this is really good to know about. thanks!

    Comment by crystal — January 20, 2008 @ 6:58 pm

  2. […] Shop ‘Til You Drop! | Jan 25th 2008 Okay, you have been goodsearching (yes, I made that a verb) for many days now.  You have probably already noticed that there is also GoodShop.  In case you have been too enthralled with just searching, I am here to point it out to you.  First a reminder, GoodSearch.com is a search engine powered by Yahoo! that donates its ad revenues to the charity of your choice when you click on the sponsored links.  For more details on how it works and the good that it does, reread our post all about it. […]

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  3. […] Search for ”League of Humane Voters” along with the name of your city or state using goodsearch.com to find chapters in your area.  Many groups have websites or contact info that […]

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  4. […] post mentioned Operation Happy Sock, a project founded a few years ago by Martha Powers.  Using goodsearch.com, I did some research and learned all about this wonderful undertaking.  Powers had the great idea […]

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