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Don’t Keep the Change | January 29, 2008

Ryan and I once had a change collecting contest.  We wanted to see if we could find, on average, one penny per day ($3.65 for the year).  We would often be found walking with our heads down watching the ground (which is not a bad idea anyway if you want to avoid stepping in dog poop).  I found a $20 bill early into our year, making my victory very easy.  I guess I should mention, though, that Ryan says it wasn’t a competition (something the loser of a contest would say).  But in the end we did both find well over the $3.65 – I just did it sooner.

While I do like sharing stories about the (not so) wild-and-crazy things we do in our spare time, this does connect back to helping animals.  All of this change is free money and it doesn’t impact the finder to pass it along to their favorite animal shelter or animal rights organization.  We were given an actual piggy bank (we named her Penelope) from the Humane Society as a thank you for an earlier donation.  We put in all of our extra change including what we find around the city and what we have in our pockets.  When Penelope fills up we trade her contents in for bills and cut a check to the Humane Society.  You will be amazed with how your change adds up.  Even if it doesn’t, every little bit helps so still make that donation! 

We would like to challenge you to a change collecting contest.  Put aside all the change and bills you find and include all of your extra change each night.  Send us a picture of you counting the change (preferably with your pet) and tell us the total, as well as the organization you are donating to.  Winners each month will get their picture posted on the blog!  Let the games begin…


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