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Go Green | January 30, 2008

Thanks in part to An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore, Americans are ready to go green.  Americans are using fluorescent light bulbs, recycling more, buying organic produce, and using reusable grocery bags.  There is a large and expanding network of people who care about the environment.  Unfortunately, a lot of environmentalists have not yet grasped the impact that eating meat makes on the environment.

Check out this article, Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler, by Mark Bittman from January 27th’s New York Times.  It explains the negative consequences of meat eating on the environment.  Vegetarians have often cited the fact that two to five times the amount of grain is necessary to feed livestock to produce the same number of calories in meat as in direct grain consumption (something to consider when millions of people are hungry).  Bittman also brings to light other positives of a vegetarian diet, including the fact that if Americans cut their meat consumption by just 20%, it would be like everyone trading their cars for a fuel-efficient Prius.  An even more astounding fact is that 30% of the world’s non-ice land is utilized in some way for livestock production.

The connection between modern methods of meat production and environmental destruction is simply too large to ignore.  Can you be a meat-eating environmentalist?  We aren’t convinced you can.  Read the article, consider the information, and make the switch – for you, the environment, and the animals. 

Also, please pass it on to your friends and family.  Even those who may be resistant to vegetarianism/veganism can find inspiration in the author’s call for any reduction in meat consumption.   

[And if you want to go super in-depth into the topic, look at the PDF file of the UN report, Livestock’s Long Shadow, referenced in the NYT article.]

*Special thanks to Nicole for posting the article on her blog.  Check it out for more information about veganism and environmentalism mixed in with her daily adjustments to life in Japan.*


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