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Happy (late) Chinese New Year! | February 8, 2008

So I got a bit excited over Operation Happy Sock and totally forgot to write about the Chinese New Year celebration yesterday.  I love this holiday because it gives me an opportunity to “revisit” some of the New Year’s resolutions I have slacked-off on.  This means getting my groggy ass out of bed early and taking our dog Luigi to the park every morning.  We’re pretty good about this- he goes almost every day.  But sometimes we just don’t feel up to it.  We can do better.  Another area that needs improvement is brushing the animals’ teeth every night.  Again, we do a pretty good job of this.  But we need a reminder or it’s easy to let this one slip. 

Even though it’s a day late, use the Chinese New Year celebration to restart your sluggish resolutions.  You can rededicate yourself to losing weight, exercising, or buying only cruelty-free products.  Whatever your resolutions, be sure to consider the impact you can have by promoting compassion and living an animal-friendly life during this Year of the Rat!  Happy New Year!   


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