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Preparing for an Animal-Friendly Valentine’s Day | February 11, 2008

Hey folks! Hope you had a great weekend. Here at Daily Walrus HQ we are gearing up for another busy week – one that happens to include a pet-friendly Valentine’s Day celebration.  No, we aren’t buying Wally, Tito and Luigi any candy or flowers.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  We’re making sure that none of the gifts we give each other contain any toxins that could harm the little guys.

That means chocolates (even delicious vegan chocolates) are off the list, as they can cause vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, an elevated heart rate, or worse in dogs and cats.  Also certain flowers, including lilies, are a no-go because they are poisonous.  Click here to see a list of other flowers and plants that are poisonous to pets from the ASPCA.  Additionally, they have a list of the 10 most common hazardous plants for pets.

Remember that even if your favorite flowers aren’t on the list, pets can still get an upset stomach from ingesting the petals, so keep them out of reach.  Also remember that roses may have thorns that can be dangerous if stepped on, chewed, or swallowed. 

If you think your pet may have eaten something poisonous, give the ASPCA’s poison control center a call at (888) 426-4435. Remember that there is a $60 fee for this service so your first option may be to call your vet during normal business hours.  Also, many communities have 24-hour pet clinics that may be able to answer your questions. 

If you need recommendations for Valentine’s Day gifts, the ASPCA also offers a few suggestions in collaboration with 1-800-FLOWERS here.  They also get to keep 10% of the purchase price so it’s a win-win-win-win for you, your sweetheart, the ASPCA, and your pets. 

Click here for more info on keeping your pets safe from poisonous substances. 

Click here if you think your pet has been poisoned. 

Click here for the ASPCA’s Guide to a Pet-Friendly Valentine’s Day. 


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