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Use Coupons to Give Food to Shelter Animals

April 2, 2008
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We just received two coupons in the mail from Nutro Natural Choice for two FREE bags of food (one cat and one dog).  Our animals don’t eat Nutro, but we will still make good use of these coupons.  They can be redeemed for food you can donate to your local shelter.  We suggest getting on as many pet food websites you can think of and looking for coupons – you may even find some for the brand that you use.  You can also sign up for mailing/e-mail lists for coupons.  Remember, though, that it really only helps the shelter if you redeem the coupon for them.  Shelters run predominantly on volunteer services and do not have the time to make a pet food store run to cash in the coupon for food. 


Million* Dog Mosaic

February 29, 2008
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The Pedigree dog food company had a great idea to raise money for their adoption drive. Named the Million Dog Mosaic, it allows folks to upload a pic of their dog to an online mosaic. For each pic uploaded, Pedigree says it will donate one dollar* to the adoption drive. The asterisks (*) after the dollar, leads you to fine print on this page that says the maximum donation Pedigree will make is $20,000, even if more than 20,000 pics are uploaded. Strangely, on this page the asterisks indicates that the maximum donation is $10,000. Whats the deal with the differing amounts?  And why is it called the “Million Dog Mosaic” if they only donate 10 or 20 G’s? 

The mosaic already has over 27,000 posts, so posting a pic won’t earn additional money from Pedigree.  Unless you write them a letter letting them know that the title “Million Dog Mosaic” is misleading.  Encourage them to clarify their maximum donation amount.  Encourage them to up the ante on their donation to a million bucks.  Yes, they also donate tons of food to animal shelters.  Yes, they also promote adoption.  Thank them for that.  But also press them to add a few zeros to their “million” dog mosaic donation.

To upload your dog’s pic, click here.

To let Pedigree know you want to make the “Million” dog mosaic worth an actual million, click here.

Don’t Keep the Change

January 29, 2008
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Ryan and I once had a change collecting contest.  We wanted to see if we could find, on average, one penny per day ($3.65 for the year).  We would often be found walking with our heads down watching the ground (which is not a bad idea anyway if you want to avoid stepping in dog poop).  I found a $20 bill early into our year, making my victory very easy.  I guess I should mention, though, that Ryan says it wasn’t a competition (something the loser of a contest would say).  But in the end we did both find well over the $3.65 – I just did it sooner.

While I do like sharing stories about the (not so) wild-and-crazy things we do in our spare time, this does connect back to helping animals.  All of this change is free money and it doesn’t impact the finder to pass it along to their favorite animal shelter or animal rights organization.  We were given an actual piggy bank (we named her Penelope) from the Humane Society as a thank you for an earlier donation.  We put in all of our extra change including what we find around the city and what we have in our pockets.  When Penelope fills up we trade her contents in for bills and cut a check to the Humane Society.  You will be amazed with how your change adds up.  Even if it doesn’t, every little bit helps so still make that donation! 

We would like to challenge you to a change collecting contest.  Put aside all the change and bills you find and include all of your extra change each night.  Send us a picture of you counting the change (preferably with your pet) and tell us the total, as well as the organization you are donating to.  Winners each month will get their picture posted on the blog!  Let the games begin…

Shop ‘Til You Drop!

January 25, 2008
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Okay, you have been goodsearching (yes, I made that a verb) for many days now.  You have probably already noticed that there is also GoodShop.  In case you have been too enthralled with just searching, I am here to point it out to you.  First a reminder, GoodSearch.com is a search engine powered by Yahoo! that donates its ad revenues to the charity of your choice when you click on the sponsored links.  For more details on how it works and the good that it does, reread our post all about it.

Goodshop is very similar, you can get to it by either clicking the tab on the goodsearch homepage, or by following this link.  The first thing you need to remember to do is type in the name of the charity you want the proceeds to go to.  Next you will scroll down and notice the lengthy list of stores that you can shop from.  These stores are conveniently categorized for you, so that you can easily see which pet supplies stores or electronic stores contribute money.  You do not have to pay extra!!!  Instead, a percentage of your purchase is donated to the charity you choose.  These percentages vary depending on the store from less than one percent all the up to over 25 percent at ebay and match.com.

When you are searching for Valentine’s Day jewelry, Presidents’ Day gifts, or a birthday present for your pet, head over to GoodShop and make you purchase count to more than just you and your loved one.

Here’s the Walrus looking at flowers for Valentine’s Day through GoodShop, 1800Flowers donates 7% to the charity he chooses!  He will probably pick the ASPCA since they took care of him before we adopted him.  But, it looks like he is having trouble deciding which bouquet to get his sweetheart!

Wally GoodShopping

When a friend loses a friend

January 11, 2008
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Last night we learned that our friend’s super-sweet pit bull “Bo” passed away.  Losing a pet is one of the hardest things we have ever had to deal with, and while nothing anyone can say makes the pain go away, little things can go a long way in helping to comfort a hurting heart. 

When thinking back to the loss of our cat Link, there are several things we learned about the grief process that we try to remember when talking to someone who just had to say goodbye to their best friend.  First, it’s ok to ask about them how they are feeling.  You aren’t reminding them of the loss – it’s already on their mind, and it is nice to know that someone cares enough about you and your pet to ask. 

Second, remember that even if you have lost a pet before, your friend probably doesn’t want to hear that you “know how they feel.”  Everyone’s grief is different.  

Third, let your friend know how lucky their pet was to have them as a companion and caretaker.  If the animal endured a long period of illness, know that their parent was with them every step of the way.  They will appreciate the acknowledgement that, even though their pet didn’t make it, they did everything they could. 

 When our friend told us about Bo, we went to the ASPCA‘s website and made a Memorial donation in his honor.  The Humane Society offers a similar service, as do many animal sanctuaries around the nation. 

We wish we had a picture of Bo to post so you all could see what a great dog he was.  As we remember Bo, it’s hard not to think of Link.  So here is our favorite picture of Link with his little brother Wally.  We all miss him more than words on a web page can express. 

Link and Wally

Link and Wally

New Year, New Cell Phone?

January 1, 2008
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New Year – old phones?  Did you get a new cell phone for the holidays?  Chances are you have an old one or two laying around.  Instead of letting them collect dust, recycle them to help animals!  Collective Good Mobile Phone Recylcing offers you an easy way to raise money for various animal orgs.  They recycle/resell the phones and donate the profits to the organization of your choice.  Depending on which group you select, you may have to pay for shipping.  However, if you choose The Humane Society, they will pay the postage costs of your donation (there are numerous other animal groups to choose from too).  You can even search by region to find one close to you.  In addition to cell phones, you can send empty ink cartridges, PDAs, and pagers. 

Check out their About Us page and their FAQs for more info.

While post offices are closed today, you can prepare the package to ship tomorrow.  It is incredibly easy as long as you have a printer.  At the home page click on Donate to take you to this page.  Here you can select your recipient – we chose the Humane Society.  Just click the “Donate” symbol next to the org of your choice to get the necessary forms (packing slip with a barcode).  If you are interested in the HSUS (remember, free shipping), follow this link to their form.  Fill it out, print it, and follow on screen directions to print the free shipping label.  Organize your phones and forms to get ready for shipping.  It’s so easy, even The Walrus’s little brother, Tito, could do it!


Happy New Year from The Walrus!

New Years Wally

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